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Second Grade
Hillsborough Writes

What is "Hillsborough Writes!" ?

Hillsborough Writes! is an assessment given at grades 2 and 5. It was designed to measure our students' achievement of the Sunshine State Standards in writing. Hillsborough County school district has integrated these standards into their grade level writing expectations to ensure that students receive instruction related to the Sunshine State Standards. The test prompts are written to measure benchmarks from the Sunshine State Standards that identify what students should know and be able to do in writing.
Hillsborough Writes! is used as part of the criteria to determine if students have met the writing benchmark at those grades. It is administered several times during the school year to allow students to demonstrate what they know and are able to do in writing.
Hillsborough Writes! for Grade 2 is scored with the 3-point rubric.


3 Points
The writing is focused and includes little or no extraneous information. There is a
logical organization to the paper with a sense of completeness, which may be
provided through the development of the idea(s) or a formal ending. Varied
transitions may be used to assist the reader in moving through the paper. Support
for the idea(s) presented includes specific details and/or examples. Word choices
include precise nouns and verbs and/or descriptive adjectives and adverbs. The
paper may include complex vocabulary. Varied sentence structures are present,
with generally correct beginning capitalization and end punctuation. High
frequency words are usually spelled correctly; however, spelling errors may be
evident in more complex words.

2 Points
The writing is mostly on topic but may include some extraneous information.
There is an attempt at organization with simple transitions. The paper may lack a
sense of completeness. Support for the idea(s) presented may be limited in
specific details and examples, or may be unevenly developed. The writing may
include some precise nouns and verbs or descriptive adjectives and adverbs. Most
sentences are of simple construction and convey a complete thought. Beginning
capitalization and end punctuation are generally correct. High frequency words
are usually spelled correctly.

1 Point
The writing may be slightly related to the topic and may include much
extraneous information. A beginning, middle, and end may not be evident; and
the writing may be disjointed. Transitions may be missing. The student may have
written a very brief paper with little or no evidence of details and examples to
support the idea(s) or may provide a simple list of ideas without support. Precise
nouns and verbs or descriptive adjectives and adverbs are generally not used.
Many of the sentences may be fragments or run-ons without correct beginning
capitalization or ending punctuation. High frequency words may be misspelled.

0 Point
The writing is unscorable because
• the response is not related to what the prompt requested the student to do,
• the response is simply a rewording of the prompt,
• the response is a copy of a published work,
• the student refused to write,
• the response is written in a foreign language,
• the response is illegible
• the response is incomprehensible (words are arranged in such a way that no
meaning is conveyed),
• the response contains an insufficient amount of writing to determine if the
student was attempting to address the prompt, or
• the writing folder is blank.